Thứ Hai, 3 tháng 3, 2014

Traveling by helicopter is an interesting experience for tourists

Cruise and helicopter are an interesting and luxurious travel form for the rich. Today, helicopter and cruise are changed and extended to be suitable for various tourists.
It is wonderful for tourists to travel by helicopter, which tourists can not feel when going by other forms. With helicopter, tourists can enjoy large and beautiful view of whole area at high altitude. Of course, tourists also can visit a lot of famous places in a short time. Flying with helicopter is selected the most when tourists go to the best known and best loved destinations such as Ha Long Bay or beaches in the Centre of Vietnam from Da Nang beach to Phu Quoc Island.

Visiting mountainous areas in the North of Vietnam by helicopter is amazing. Especially in the season of white plum flowers and red peach flowers, tourists will see a whole forest with many beautiful flowers. In the season of rice’s flowers, tourists can view yellow stair fields from helicopter. With a professional camera, tourists can take a lot of wonderful pictures. Thus, helicopter is also a good choice for photographers who take picture shoots for their picture albums.    

In this spring, white plum flowers and red peach flowers blossom a lot in almost mountainous provinces of the North of Vietnam. Therefore, tourists should have a plan for traveling to take amazing shoots before changing season soon.   

Tourists can see additional information about tourism helicopter services on the official website of Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH.

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