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Experience Moc Chau in November by helicopter

With traveling by helicopter to Moc Chau in November, you will have an opportunity to soak up beautiful white flower fields and traditional brocade dresses as well as colorful butterflies.

A tourist that has ever traveled one time to Moc Chau, a province in the North Vietnam, surely has never forgotten white flower fields and bauhinia blossom sky.

Moc Chau is a famous place for couple to find love and happiness in the blossomed flower season.

In November, as every year, white flower fields blossoming are a sign for a happy season or a season of journeys to relax with wonderful landscapes in Moc Chau.

If you enjoy viewing whole white flower fields covering into horizon, red and white bauhinia fields and yellow Tithonia diversifolia evoking fond remembrances, you should select helicopter tourism service of Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH. Vietnam helicopter service

You also can walk between flower fields and have excited emotion what you have never had before. This emotion seems to be very comfortable, desirous and hopeful. On these fields, you can see ethic minority girls cutting flower with colorful brocade dresses. Certainly, that picture is absolutely attractive to tourists when they see it. 

There are typical attractions for traveling by walking or by helicopter. Though you choose walking or helicopter to travel, do not forget that Moc Chau with white flower fields is waiting for you to explore them and take amazing photos about these.

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